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25 hours of Thunder Hill

IMG 9432 JPG e1276106345851 25 hours of Thunder Hill

Michael was invited to take part in the prestigious 25 hours of Thunder Hill. Regarded as one of the most challenging endurance races the world over, this event attracts drivers and teams from across the globe seeking a challenge. Operated by the National Auto Sport Association, the 25 hours of Thunder hill has been featured in a documentary and media coverage worldwide.

Driving for Concierge Racing, Michael was thrilled to take part in the event. 84 cars were entered into this years running, providing a constant challenge for the drivers on the track. Michael relished this aspect of the race. “I was always racing somebody. There was no time to get bored!” There is little doubt of that, as the traffic was just one of many challenges faced by Michael and his team. During his stint, the car lost a wheel and suffered from a cracked header. The team was nonetheless able to recover, placing fifth the EO class.

Michael relished the opportunity to experience racing at night, with only the aid of headlights to illuminate the winding 15 turn layout at Thunder Hill Raceway Park. The challenges, and the size and scope of the event, made the 25 hours of Thunder Hill a memorable chapter in Michael’s career.

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